Saturday, 3 December 2011

Rosetta2032 Reflections

"this is getting fun…I keep checking the Edmodo and Docs in my spare time…" (teacher)

"I loved the way that the Rosetta mystery challenged my thinking and my creativity" (student)

Rosetta2032 - a project for languages with Year 7 is now over. Some members of the Resistance were able to locate all the hidden coins, placed in various locations around the school by the mysterious BenK. These students followed the clues left in various places - in online tasks, on websites and in the online profiles of the two main 'characters' - Glen Agua and BenK.

I had planned on writing some more updates as Rosetta2032 unfolded but it wasn't long before all my channels of communication were being monitored. For some reason students thought that I may have been behind the whole 'Glen Agua' scenario (at least I knew someone was reading my blog).

So how did it work?
There were 6 Phases in this journey towards saving the world and it all began with a worksheet...

A worksheet that revealed a website (edmodo) and a code, this was the code which gave you access to your language group. Once in edmodo, there were instructions left on the 'wall' and tasksheets left in the library (on edmodo). This worked well but would have worked really well if I had used it a little more effectively - I found it harder than expected to stay ahead of some of the students. As a result, some students found it a little difficult to locate resources whilst other students did some of the tasks out of the intended order. Furthermore, with time being taken up staying ahead of students, I also neglected the staff a little :(

In the end there were far more positives to come out of it than negatives and there have been lots of lessons for next time, which is the result we were hoping for.