Wednesday, 28 November 2007

A week in the bush

A week on Year 8 camp with no sign of a laptop and not even mobile phone coverage was refreshing for a while but it made me realise how much I had been using the computer recently.

Still, being out in the bush for a few days allowed the teachers and instructors to get to know the students a little better in a different environment - and vice versa. We were all able to view each other from a different perspective and appreciate qualities that were previously unknown. Learning from and about each other and each other's abilities. We worked collaboratively out there as well; helping each other set up camp, cook, bushwalk & cope with sleeping amongst ants & a variety of other bugs. Some were used to it (not me), some had to get used to it pretty quickly. Professional development in yet another form.

Out here, it's the same. I am learning from teachers, students, administrators and all sorts of people. Maybe one day people will also learn from me - that's part of the plan anyway. It is no longer top-down PD / learning but we are able to easily deal with, teach and learn from all 'levels' and so far I am finding this far more effective.

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