Monday, 7 April 2008

Clipmarks - bringing things together

I am in the process of experimenting a little with Clipmarks which allows you to take pieces of text and images from different sites and put them together into a 'clipcast', like the one I have pieced together below. Without much thought, I collected the excerpts from 2 different sites about the Japanese animated movie Spirited Away and placed them into a clipcast. If you haven't seen Spirited Away - I recommend it!

Although clipmarks does have a character limit of 1000, it doesn't seem to limit the images you put in. Once saved, you can email it, embed it or post it straight to a blog - which is what I am doing right now. It not only allows you to put it on your site but also onto facebook , myspace, iGoogle & more. You can also add comments to other people's clipcasts & favourite them. Try the explanation on YouTube.

10-year old Chihiro becomes trapped in a forbidden world of gods and magic when her parents take her to investigate the other side of the tunnel. In order to survive, Chihiro must work and make herself useful, and find within her the courage and resolve she needs to save her parents and escape from a world where humans are dispised.

clipped from
Names are equally important in the characters’ quest for
freedom. After Yubaba steals part of Chihiro’s name, Haku warns
Sen not to forget her former name or she will be trapped in the
spirit world forever. Sen must remember the qualities that make
her who she is and remain true to them
Only those characters with the inner strength
to hold onto their names and identities can free themselves
Words play a role in both Chihiro’s initial enslavement
at the bathhouse and her eventual escape from her contract.
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Jess said...

What a great little tool! I saw this post a few days ago but still haven't had a chance to play with Clipmarks.
Thank you for sharing!