Saturday, 3 April 2010

Language Learning: tips & tricks

Teaching our students how to learn is of course as important, if not more important, than what they learn. Learning a language is a new experience for many of our Year 7 students, and for those who have not learnt a language before, they may never have been shown how to do it.

Next time you set
"learn the ... vocab on p... of the text" as part of your students' homework, give them a few tips on how they can do that, assuming you haven't already. Let them know that we all learn in different ways and the way one student learns their vocab will not necessarily be the way that everyone else does. We need to help each student find the most effective way for them to learn. At school I learnt my vocabulary by writing it down again and again (and again), now I learn through flashcards and by trying to use the vocabulary as often as possible. Both methods work in their own way but I now prefer flashcards and flash games.

Here's my attempt at putting some tips for language learning into one place. If you have any tips for me to improve the presentation, please let me know via a comment.


Mme Henderson said...

What a great presentation! This will be great for the first week of school Thanks for posting!

Toni Theisen said...

Thanks for the clarity in this presentation. Will really help students. Will use it next year and share it with the teachers in my dept. Super travail.

Miriamu said...

This is a great video. I might use yours if you don't mind or if I can get around to it, make my own. I especially like your comments on learning as a challenge to the learner. Doomo!