Monday, 10 October 2011

rosetta2032 has begun...

Fake accounts have been created, fake websites are up and running and the Phase 1 task sheet has been sent. The Bunker (edmodo) is also ready. 

Students have just been sent the following:


My name is Glen, aka rosetta2032. My apologies for previous emails that may have confused you but a certain level of secrecy is needed. I have successfully navigated the portal and am contacting you from the Year 2032. The future for you is bleak. It's not a happy place here because there is one amongst you who will one day go on to wreak havoc in the world.
It all changed for the worse in 2018, but sometime in 2011 the man known as BenK hid 5 coins and a code. These were later used somehow to gain the power he now has. We need you to find where he hid them and pass that information on to me. 
Your first step will be to find your way to our Bunker; this is a place we can work together. Please join the resistance with me. The attached document will guide you on your way. I will be working with your language teachers - they too have been contacted.
Be vigilant and be aware.

Tomorrow our year 7 students will be searching for the future ruler of our world, reading through clues in the target languages of French, German and Japanese. They will need to complete profiles and find clues left along the way (working together) - mind you 'the way' is far from complete. Phase 1 and 2 are ready and Phase 3 will be something along the lines of a Google earth tour. From there they will need to navigate some cuiltural etiquette to find clues and at some stage there are plans for a trek into minecraft for a treasure hunt activity. 

At the moment I am not sure how successful this will all be but perfect or not, we expect to learn a lot from it - hopefully the students will learn some language and collaborative skills on the way too. It has been a learning experience trying to create it and I have discovered some cool sites and tools on the way. iSpeech for text-to-speech (in English and other languages) and Wix for creating simple but cool flash sites are my favourites so far.

And so I am off to help The Resistance...


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Jess McCulloch said...

You absolutely ROCK!!! Those videos are awesome and the idea sounds brilliant. I'm so making videos like that for my next one and the next iteration of the Black Line Mystery. Keep blogging it all!