Friday, 23 March 2012

Ninja Diaries - a journey for Year 10 Japanese

TakF is off on exchange to Japan. At least he thinks he is. Just before he leaves for Japan his Grandfather gives him a letter - a rather cryptic letter for 15 year old Takeru. It seems his Japanese born grandfather wants him to do something while in Japan; he needs to contact his great uncle. There is some sort of family secret that needs dealing with.

So in late December 2011, Takeru left for Japan and within a few days had forgotten the letter he still kept scanned into his phone. Then one day he finds a note in his pocket and things start to get creepy. Someone wants to meet him and discuss his father - his father who disappeared several years ago.

In early March, Takeru decides it's time to visit his relatives in Izumo and find out a little more. Not long after his host family in Tsukuba lose contact with him. He seems to have gone off on his own, leaving a cryptic video (see below) on his blog asking for help.

Meanwhile, some students in Australia have received an email asking for their help in locating Takeru. It seems they have been reading his blog and may know something.

Now to find his 'secret' blog and find out what he is really doing...

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